Riddle me this

Five people are sitting at a communal table in a bustling ramen shop on Dundas Street West, eating some delicious noodles for lunch. Two young men in their early twenties are chilling at one end of the table, a professional woman is grabbing a quick bite on her own in the middle, and at the other end are a man and woman on a date.

The woman on the date notices that a pale spider with spindly legs is descending from the ceiling on a direct path to the crown of the other woman’s head. Not wanting to cause a scene, the woman on the date, pointing toward the spider, says to her companion who is sitting directly beside the other woman:

Could you remove that spider from over her head?

At this point, the spider has, in fact, swung so low that the other woman, who doesn’t know what the fuck is going on, has brushed it off her forehead.

It is not a small spider. Okay, this is Toronto, so it is probably not a poisonous spider. But still.

Now all three men are sitting there looking at the spider while the spider laughs at how ridiculous humans are, with their entire brains inside their head and all. The spider seems to have cast a magical spell over all the men. It is a very impressive spider. Question:

3 thoughts on “Riddle me this

  1. The woman on the date is afraid of spiders (like me) so she asked her companion to do something. He probably did. I hope he squashed it under his shoe. 🙂

  2. Trick question, right? A smart-thinking waitress comes by and, using a rolled-up newspaper, smashes it out the door. A Blue Jays scout sitting at another table immediately signs her. Am I right or what?

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