A Little Help?

Hey there,

I’ve had a couple of professional conversations over the summer that have led me to conclude that I need some practical experience running a newsletter with MailChimp. For whatever reason, email newsletters are having a moment. I initially thought the best approach was to tie it to some sort of larger project that I am working on. That way, I would have a consistent topic to write about. As you know, I am a generalist and writing about whatever the hell you feel like is not the best approach to building an audience. So I pitched the idea to the folks who oversee some social media work that I do as a related channel. It’s not that they weren’t supportive, but they didn’t exactly get it or see the benefit, and they had a lot of questions that I did not know the answers to. I’ve decided to do my experiment here instead and I am hoping that you will come on this adventure with me.

What’s this thing going to be about? Great question. I have no idea. But I honour that inboxes are sacrosanct so I will try to make it worthwhile.

Here’s what I know:

  • I had a heart explosion recently when a friend told me that used to like my blog because it made him “think and feel.”
  • I asked Leeanne what she would want to read in a newsletter from me and she said, “The things you write about!”
  • On one of the Facebook Pages I manage, I am trying to create the antidote to Facebook: a warm space that helps people be human. I really like doing that and I had another heart explosion yesterday when someone told me it is working for him.
  • I acknowledge all the ways that I am privileged but things are fucking hard and it would be good to write about them in a less exposed way.

These are my guideposts. I won’t spam you (I literally cannot produce this more than once a month) and I will never share your email (I ain’t like that).

Let’s just try it out and see what happens? Take the adventure at this link.

What do you think?

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