Photo: Janneke Tenbroek
Photo: Janneke Tenbroek

I am a Toronto-based freelance writer and copyeditor. I love to write about subcultures, religion, the weird and the quirky. I am studying Professional Communications at Ryerson University and I have a Certificate in Freelance Writing with a focus on non-fiction for the periodical market from the University of Toronto. I’ve been writing Pink Collar since 2005.

Aside from writing, some of my interests include: Detroit, the Arab Spring, This American Life, the Muscle Shoals sound and knitting. I am a Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest enthusiast – and grudging user of Facebook.

Pink collar jobs are those traditionally held by women: nurse, secretary, flight attendant, librarian … and so on. The name of this blog came from my pink collar day job, as a legal assistant at a leading Canadian law firm where I have worked for one of the best environmental lawyers in the country for almost 15 years.

If you need content, copyediting or ghostwriting – or even if you just want to say hi – you should probably contact me.