Storytelling in Sound

In the last week of August 2018, I joined a small group of Ryerson students who had previously participated in Thriving in Action, a resilience and study skills program, on a four-night guided canoe trip (Portage) in Algonquin Provincial Park. Following Portage, paddlers participated in a group storytelling exercise facilitated by Student Affairs staff. My audio project focused on the experience of the pin ceremony, a ritual that has taken place toward the end of Outward Bound courses since 1972. 
The digital storytelling project, facilitated by Ryerson Student Affairs, also formed the basis of my major research project in the fourth year of my Professional Communication BA. 
Placemaking in the City
Produced for my client, Dr. Louis-Etienne Dubois, this podcast is a knowledge translation product designed to introduce his experimental research measuring arts-based placemaking to lay audiences. This project was my final project for CMN 321 Technical Communication as Knowledge Translation.
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