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This sample was written for SCS 2112-017 Freelance Writing for Corporate Communications at the University of Toronto.

February 11, 2015
WIDCO Releases Revolutionary New Widget
Game-changing W-100 is three times more powerful than the widget it replaces
Toronto, ON – Widco celebrates its 100th anniversary June 1, 2015 with the launch of the W-100, a new widget three times more powerful than the W-X25, the widget it replaces. The innovative W-100 is expected to last twice as long as its predecessor and according to Rachel Goldman, Senior VP of Product Development, will sell 40 million units by the end of 2016. Join Widco outside its Toronto headquarters at One Yonge Street to experience the power of the new widget first-hand.
President and CEO Charles “Chuck” Smith will be on hand to help demonstrate the appliances the new widget operates. The W-100 can be used in all kitchen and household appliances that now run on the W-X25, including coffee makers, blenders, lawnmowers, chainsaws and power washers.
“Our customers are going to love the speed and dependability of this new widget,” Mr. Smith said. “Whether they are blending drinks for friends, cleaning up the cottage, power washing windows or mowing lawns, the W-100 will free up their time and make life easier for them.”
The new widget is manufactured from adamantium, an alloy more powerful than aluminum which most widgets are made from. Bold innovations like the move to a new alloy have made Widco a leader in the widget industry for the last hundred years. The introduction of the W-100 continues that tradition and ensures Widco is ready to meet the changing needs of its customers for the next century. The W-100 will be available online ( and in all of Widco’s 300 retail stores, beginning June 1st.
Other material:
Samples of the W-100 will be available for photographers.
About Widco:
Widco is celebrating its centennial this year. Founded in 1915 by Charles Elliot Smith, Toronto-based Widco is Ontario’s largest and oldest widget maker, with revenues of $1.01 billion in 2013-14. It currently produces 50 million widgets a year and aims to produce 55 60 million a year by end of fiscal 2015-16. Widco employs approximately 5,500 people between its head office, four manufacturing plants, warehousing and shipping operations and corporate retail stores.
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