Social Media

I love social media: thinking about its sociological impacts, the ethics of our interactions with it, and – yes – using it, too. I also love engaging communities and staying up-to-date on algorithms and trends. I am implementing my training from CMN 288 Promotional Communication and Social Media at Ryerson University by actively working on social media projects for RU Mood Routes and Friends of Cedarvale Park.

RU Mood Routes

Along with another Professional Communication student, Miranda Diez, I lead the social media strategy for Ryerson Mood Routes. Mood Routes encourages Ryerson students to prioritize walking in community as both a self-care and study strategy. I plan and execute graphic social media campaigns that emphasize wellness and reiterate Mood Routes key values as well as seek out and share content that is of interest to our followers.

Friends of Cedarvale Park

I established the social media presence for Friends of Cedarvale Park in May 2017. Friends of Cedarvale Park is a group of volunteers who care for Cedarvale ravine in Toronto’s west end. My work has increased awareness of the organization in our neighbourhood and engaged a younger – and previously unreached – demographic in nature walks in the ravine. I continue to be solely responsible for maintaining the organization’s social media. Now that the group has a professional logo, near-term goals include developing branded content and videos.