I tell human stories.
Whether it’s journalism, creative non-fiction or corporate communications, people are at the heart of great writing. What do people do? And what makes them care? As a professional writer specialized in crafting profiles and creative non-fiction, I find and tell the personal stories that will connect with your audience.
I am an experienced writer and professional communicator. After co-writing two annual reports for an indigenous womens' resource centre as a freelancer, I was compelled to return to university to pursue corporate storytelling as a career. As a non-fiction writer, my primary beats are feminism, technology, and subculture. l am a social media enthusiast, an old-school Digital Utopian, and believe in social media as a powerful communication and community-building tool. I am passionate about pushing underrepresented voices forward through communications and social media and pride myself on being able to adopt the style and voice of my clients across channels. A Gen Xer with a Gen Z education, I ultimately hope to work as a communicator in a helping agency. I am graduating from Ryerson University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication and a minor in sociology.

Writing is hard.
I'll do it for you.
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